1st Cohort Projects


This list aims to give an overview of the variety of projects during the first cohort of the Open Hardware Academy. Not all projects listed here are finished yet, some were more mature while others were in early stage of ideation. Also not all of them have been released or published as open hardware yet.


The goal of WiggleBin is to make an open-source smart vermicomposting bin which makes both worms and humans happy.



A Raspberry Pi powered Spotify music player that aims to be easy to use for people with cognitive or physical disabilities (e.g. Alzheimer’s or MS), and allow them to enjoy music independently.

To suit this purpose, the music player has an extremely simple interface & operation. A big play/pause button, a physical linear volume slider, and two side buttons that handle convenience functions, but can be omitted.

While accessibility is the primary aim of the design, this does not mean it cannot be used by a broader audience. If you like the idea of seeing the album art of your Spotify songs, and the physicality of hardware buttons, it would not look out of place in a living room.



An ESP32 powered light sculpture of one of the most important protein structures in cells: the microtubule! It will have basic cosmetic light modes, and some simple programmability (flash for notification). On-board temperature and humidity sensors and accelerometer makes it not just a nice looking desk light, but also a functional tool for monitoring your space or as an entry point into microprocessor programming.


The FAIR battery project

Hardware, design, and a learning community for building an open-hardware redox-flow battery from the Center for Unusual Collaborations

Repository: https://github.com/SanliFaez/FAIR-Battery#the-fair-battery-project

Open Hardware microscope

This project started from a desire to improve medical diagnosis in rural communities of low-income countries. In order to contribute in this direction, we decided to design and build a microscopy platform with certain relevant characteristics. We went for microscopy, given its simplicity, versatility and widespread applications.

The main purpose of the platform is to serve as a cost-effective tool for the diagnosis of neglected tropical diseases (e.g., Chagas disease, dengue, chikungunya, leishmaniasis, amog many others) in rural areas, for which fluorescence capabilities are essential. Aditionally, we are also interested in reading Pap smear slides, given that cervical cancer is still a public health problem in several developing countries.

Repository: https://github.com/jossoca/OHA_micro


MulticopterFCS is a flight controller build from the ground up. It is meant to be a development platform mainly focused on autonomous indoor flying of multi-rotor drones.


Garp Robotic Boat

This project focuses on an RC boat owned by the Automation, Robotics and Perception Group (GARP) of the Central University ‘‘Marta Abreu’’ of Las Villas. Adapting the RC boat into a robotic boat constitutes the first challenge to be solved.


Face tracking camera

In simple words, this device is a recording device which tracks the face of the person in front of it and in case of any movement it follows the face (in order to make sure that the face of the person being recorded is always in the centre of the screen). The main components of this device are a Raspberry pi 4 (the brain of the device) and a pi camera (responsible for capturing footage). In addition to the Raspberry pi and the pi camer, his device consists of 2 servo motors which enable the camera to rotate in 2 different axis. The rotating servo mptors allow the camera to have a wider view compared to a stationary camer, allowing it to follow the face as it moves.

Project description: https://hackmd.io/@moeb8001/B1HlPk2C5

Injection moulding machine


An open source graduation project at the IDE faculty

Network of wireless sensors in the acquisition of data in greenhouses

This project aims to design the hardware and software architecture of a wireless sensor network, which allows the acquisition of environmental variables of interest for decision making in the production of plants in greenhouses.

Extended descrption and idea: https://hackmd.io/VwhOI_90Qdu8P9mFhpcCZQ